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Privacy policy

Ambition Roompia (following "we") determines the following privacy policy about privacy policy.

1. The acquisition, the use of personal information and offer
 When we acquire personal information, we make use purpose clear and shall acquire by legitimate and fair method and may not use across range of use purpose. In addition, we take measures to be necessary because we do not use out of use purpose.
 Use purposes that we established are as follows.
 (1) To cope with inquiry from customer
 (2) To offer useful various information to customer
 (3) In addition, to do notification necessary for customer

 In addition, we may not offer personal information that I took without agreement of the person to third party unless laws and ordinances accept.

2. The observance such as laws and ordinances
 We observe laws and ordinances about privacy policy, guideline that country establishes, other models and perform the appropriate handling.

3. Safety management of personal information
 We carry out safety measures for personal information protection to secure accuracy of personal information and safety and we vomit again and act as leak, loss of personal information for prevention of loss. In addition, we review safety measures regularly and take necessary safety management measures.

4.Offer to third party of personal information
 We may not offer personal information to third party except case by laws and ordinances without with consent of the person.

5.Trust of the personal information handling
 We may entrust with a part of the duties in duties administration outside. We may leave personal information at duties trust point on this occasion. In this case we choose trust meeting standard of protection of enough personal information and carry out management, supervision for trust thoroughly.

6.Right of customer about personal information
  When there was notice of use purpose about personal information or proposal of stop (called "disclosure" in addition as follows.) of offer to disclosure, correction, addition and deletion, stop, removal of the use and third party in us, we confirm that it is the person and perform disclosure in line with it. But, in any of the following, it may not be accepted disclosure.

 ・When we might spoil life, physical or property or other rights, benefits of person or third party.
 ・Is remarkable for our appropriate duties; when might affect.
 ・When we violate laws and ordinances.

7.About use of cookie
 In this Web site, we use cookie in some services.
 As we go for the purpose of convenience improvement when all of you use service, we may not distinguish Name or phone number.
 In addition, when cookie is refused, you can use services such as reading of this Web site, but approve point where service using cookie is limited. Similarly, we use cookie and Web beacon by advertisement system contracting, but, for access analysis, advertisement delivery, may not distinguish individual.

 In addition, we use behavioral targeting advertising service that Google entrusting with delivery of advertisement, third party including Yahoo! Japan provide to deliver appropriate advertisement to all of you in our Web site.
 behavioral targeting advertising is advertisement technique to deliver advertisement in total in interest, interest of one accessed in Web site based on site reading information.
 You access Web page for opto-out of the companies, and please destroy one where advertisement delivery by behavioral targeting advertising service is not hoped for.

 ・What is cookie?
  Usage history or input contents which we transmitted and received between browser and server when we used web page with cookie,
  It is structure storing as file to computer of customer.

8.About log file
 In us, we record information of one accessed in this Web site in form called access log. Domain name and IP address of accessed one, kind of browser using, the access date and time are included in access log, but do not include information that can identify individual. Access log is utilized for statistics handling of our Web site about management and the use situation, but may not be used for other purpose.

9.About link to other sites
 We may link to other sites from this Web site, but personal information does not share. When personal information collection is carried out in linked site, please refer to explanation of privacy policy of the site.

10. Reference about privacy policy
 Inquiries about our privacy policy are as follows.

Telephone: 048-720-6600
FAX: 048-686-6592

◇The use of Google hole re-Thich
In this website, Google, Inc use Google hole re-Thich of this to grasp the reading situation of site.
As for the Web browser of errand, Google, Inc send specific information (Web address or IP address of page where, e.g., they accessed) to this automatically when we access this website.
As for these information, it is processed collection according to "use of data by Google when user uses site and application of Google partner" ( depending on this Google, Inc.
In addition, but, Google, Inc set Cookie for browser of errand and may read existing Cookie.

Please read the above Privacy Policy before submitting an inquiry.
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