Real estate glossary

Initial of term

A row


We show living dining kitchen.

By area, LDK, under are DK 8-10 tatami or more. Around 4 or 5 tatami is often called K. In addition, when there is S, it becomes SLDK and means that we are belonging to storeroom.

KA row

Fire insurance

Guarantee for household effects which encountered damage when fire and water leak were caused by the end of lease life.

When we conclude building lease contract, we insure in period same as term of a contract of room. ① household effects (resident) insurance ② tenant liability insurance (compensation for damages for landlord) ③ individual compensation insurance (compensation responsibility for another person) packages one in insurance contents. We actually often make up for the damage by personal compensation insurance when we damage downstairs room by leak of water. It is stopping payment on, but there is refund if we cancel insurance when halfway left the room.


K means kitchen in kitchen. Layout of room is used by term which we showed. Area is around 4 or 5 tatami.

In difference in area, LDK, around 6-7 tatami are often called DK 8-10 tatami or more.


Lump sum to pay to landlord when we update lease contract. Share is generally market price for one month of rent.

SA row

Deposit (敷金, shiki-kin)

Tenant of building says money to issue to landlord to secure debt in wage charges or other lease contracts.
When contract is finished, deposit is returned after the withdrawal for tenant after having subtracted this if there are any unpaid wage charges.

TA row

Agent fee (仲介手数料, chukai tesuryo)

When and we sell real estate through housing land and building dealer and buy or lend and borrow, based on mediation contract, it is money to pay as contingency fees in housing land and building dealer.
It is also known as mediation fee (mediation reward).

Terrace house

We say 2-story consecutive ridge type house.
As we continue in wall for common use with next door, we build, and consecutive ridge is told even if we build tenement house.
Site of each dwelling unit becomes severalty of each dwelling unit.


Dining kitchen. Kitchen and meal space. There are many things of around 6-7 tatami.

Further area is often called LDK.

NA row

Private view

Having you show cases to lease real estate the inside of the room by guidance of real estate agent before contract. Abbreviation of internal visit of building.

Listing which you liked by drawings has private view by all means, and check in various ways. It does not necessarily fit the present situation (the real thing) and floor plan (including cityscape of neighborhood). I will regret that we contract only by drawing after entering. When we make private view, we ask real estate company for arrangement.

Entering examination

Owner, real estate (management) company, examination company apply content for contractor to entering condition before contract, and examine.

The r syllabary series

Key money (礼金, rei-kin)

When we conclude lease contract of building, tenant says money paid as reward to landlord.
Even if contract is finished, we are not usually returned to tenant.

WA row


We are comprised of room without partition, restroom bus between the residence space and kitchen. Abbreviation of efficiency.