When moving in

Moving does not just carry merely baggage. Life at the new home starts only after performing various procedures and arrangement. We introduce check point at the time of moving here.

What we prepare for before moving

1.We prepare material necessary for packing


As there may not be enough corrugated cardboard for packing by moving company, some corrugated cardboard of size of mandarin orange box degree will prepare.


In addition, it is important to collect old newspapers to wrap packing tape and thing which is easy to be broken in.

2.We think about layout plan of the new home

We will think about layout plan of the new home before moving properly not to need to move furniture and electric appliance after the entering again.

3.We reserve move and retreat construction of telephone

When we pull landline, we will inform the 116th of NTT of moving.

In addition, it goes down and will make a reservation on construction day because initial charge of the person is necessary for retreat construction when we found line in the new home.

4.We reserve gas opening

We will reserve opening of gas in the nearest gas company Office of the new home.


As opening of gas needs attendance of, person, you decide schedule early and should make a reservation.

5.We send moving postcard to friend, acquaintance

If it is decided that we move, let's send moving postcard which we wrote down thing or new Address to move into in to people and friend who are taken care of.

6.Preparations for packing

It is important to write content outside of box which we packed.


When we ask moving company for packing, it is convenient when minimum baggage (valuables) which we want to manage by oneself collects all together.

7.We file for notice of the change of address of resident's card

Let's file for notice of the change of address at municipality office of the present address.


This will have you issue by all means to be necessary when we register new Address of the new address (we bring seal).

8.We submit junk car notice of motor bike

Let's file for report of junk car at municipality office of the present address.


In new Address, it is necessary to receive grant of vehicle number at municipality office.

9.We submit transfer notice to post office

When we fill in the requirements for report of transfer in window of post office and mail in the post, mail which has been sent to old Address for one year is transferred to new Address.

10. We do draining off of refrigerator, washing machine

On the day we will have moving of draining off to be able to carry immediately.

11. We do cleaning of current house properly well

As we may influence the amount of return of deposit, we will do cleaning of current house properly well.

12. We clean the new home

We will wipe the whole new home before carrying baggage.


In addition, to storing part such as closets, you should make mold-proof measures beforehand.

You move, and perform on that day

1.We attend discharge properly


Let's stop moving company car and rent-a-car according to instructions of owner and management company in place that does not trouble neighborhood.

It is necessary to check parking lot beforehand.


In addition, we will confirm number and hurt of baggage which we carried out.

2.Adjustment of moving rate

As we pay when discharge was over, we will prepare cash.


We will get receipt properly.

3.We check each facility

Is there not water leak in place equipped with a water supply whether air-conditioner operates properly whether opening and shutting of door and door is smooth?……Let's check each nadoo facility properly.


When it is out of order, it is necessary to classify contact into owner or management company immediately.

4.We inform of beginning to use of gas, electricity, water supply

We fill in the requirements on "postcard for entering contact" of electricity, water supply put in entering, and let's mail in the post.


When postcard is not found, please connect with the nearest office (you can usually use electricity, water supply immediately).


In addition, gas attends on day when we made a reservation beforehand, and it is necessary to have people in gas company open.

5.We treat cleaning, garbage

We move and simple cleaning and tidying up are possible and will prepare for dustcloth and garbage bag on that day.


After having carried in baggage, you do not mess up the entrance and corridor of building, or do not forget check.