Viewing the property

We perform private view of listing before contracting real estate. We introduce point that you should check on this occasion here.

1.We check time and means of transportation to station


We display the time required to station at 80m by advertisement of real estate as one minute.


But slopes do not consider and recommend that we actually walk as the speed to walk varies according to people.


In listing of bus service, we will check time for last bus of the day with bus timetable of the station square. Area where the last bus of the day leaves station at around 10:00 p.m. is because it is a lot.


Furthermore, we want to confirm whether person using taxi in the night can get on immediately.


As we may not know even if state of taxi asks sales representative of real estate company, what we actually perform in the field at night and confirm is certain.

In addition, we will confirm whether there is bicycle parking lot around station when we use bicycle.

2.Surrounding environment is checked on foot

When you make a preliminary inspection of listing, you walk the outskirts of listing as much as possible, and please check environment with own eyes.

It is check of the noise and bad smell and survey by necessary life-related facilities that are particularly important. Check of the noise accepts sense, and let's perform.


It will be better if we can check whether there are hospital or rental video cassette shop in addition to supermarket and convenience store, laundry, financial institution to around station and station.

About the noise, we are worried about sound from the noise and school from factory in the neighborhood on weekdays, but it may be said that it is quiet on the weekend.


In addition, it is quiet in the daytime, and the noise of highway nearby may sound when it is night.

We want to check the above locally twice at night like weekdays and the weekend with noon if possible before selecting entering as listing.


Similarly, let's check smell. For example, there is case to have a bad odor from river of the back of listing.


Surrounding environment of such a listing often becomes clear only after entering, but is not sorry after entering; should check enough to save.

3.Without forgetting check of the sunshine


When we make a preliminary inspection of listing, it is hard to check point which direction window turns to unexpectedly.


It faces east, and the south direction is good direction of the sun, but recommends that we check direction of room on house map after preliminary inspection to be said well as it is difficult to know direction in the case of preliminary inspection exactly.


The sun may not be good in the east direction, room with window facing south either. For example, building contacting with room will be often next.


In addition, there are expensive apartments in slightly remote place, and there is case which the inside of room is seen when we open curtain.

In the case of preliminary inspection, please actually check surrounding on seeing the outside of window.

4.We check area of room with own eyes

By lease advertisement, things displaying area of room in chosuu (the number of tatami mats) are seen a lot.


We can decide one quire of area with 1.62 square meters or more by standard of real estate advertisement (there is exception, too). In the case of preliminary inspection of listing, please check area of room with own eyes based on this standard.


Trouble such as space not being enough is avoided when we examine place to put big furniture such as chest and bed in the case of preliminary inspection.

5.We know quality of resident in management state of building

When you make a preliminary inspection of listing, please check management state of building.


It is revealed whether you are managed properly if we see states of cleaning of how to use and corridor, stairs of dumping ground, bicycle parking lot.


In listing which management state of building has bad, modus vivendi of resident seems to be often bad, too.

Is not annoyed by other residents after entering; want to choose management good listing which is in a state to save.