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We introduce listing which is quite popular with Shibaura Inst. of Tech. student!

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We introduce listing which is quite popular with Shibaura Inst. of Tech. student★


Near the school! Super neighborhood! Large room! nadonado,

We introduce listing granting hope!

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What kind of place is Omiya campus of Shibaura Institute of Technology?


There is Omiya campus of Shibaura Institute of Technology in place of a 20-minute walk from nearest station "Higashi-Omiya Station".

As question to have a lot one living from examined person, it is presence of supermarket and convenience store,

As the "Omiya campus" outskirts may be called town of student, and restaurant and convenience store supermarket, lunch provider exist a lot within a radius of 1 kilo around "Omiya campus", we think that you can be relieved.

Above all, in harenoterasu opened in April, 2017, it is from student in very popular place.


Around station of "Higashi-Omiya Station", there are post office and super SEIYU (Seiyu). It is reputation when you can buy side dish and lunch by open 24 hours at reduced prices.

It is such "Higashi-Omiya Station",

In late years Ueno Tokyo Line, Shonan-Shinjuku Line which is direct to Utsunomiya Line is opened,

It is easy to access Tokyo, and demand as Bet town becomes higher from what can come and go at 2 stations (approximately five minutes) from Omiya Station equal to the Saitama's greatest terminal station.

As there are many people who house is built in families, and live, the whole town is quiet and calms down.

Residential area spreads out when we walk a little from "Higashi-Omiya Station" to "Omiya campus".

Therefore there seem to be many people feeling that it is safe.

We hear environment and voice from parents that are suitable for study among them as there is little temptation.


As there are few bars around "Higashi-Omiya Station", we get drunk even at night, and there is few, and police box is at the east exit of "Higashi-Omiya Station", too.

It may be point to feel that this place is safe.



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Higashi-Omiya Station 

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Around school

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